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The little lemon that could 

You may recall my little improved Meyer lemon tree that has been struggling in my Zone 5B home. I originally bought it at the end of the summer in 2013, looking sickly and weary. I nursed it back to some health that year and watched it almost die over the winter. But it scraped through. Summer rolls around and it does quite well on my stoop, but the indoor air, dry with our heaters and quite dark, doesn’t seem to do it much good. Interestingly, this year we brought it in and left it right near the front door where it got about 4-5 hours of decent light, not great, and it did well until about January. Then the leaf drop started. I’m not sure if something changed or if it was just a delayed reaction, but I think the plant – and me as a result – went into panic mode. I set up a little grow light corner, and though the plant continued to drop leaves for another week, I think it’s loving the light. It’s coming back with a vengeance. If I can keep this lemon plant thriving in my dark, dry Pittsburgh apartment, I will consider it one of my greatest victories yet. 


Hang on, little lemon!

Last summer, after endless hours of fruitless (get it?) window shopping online, I finally gave in to the urge and bought a sickly little discount improved Meyer lemon tree. It was late in the season, so I thought it may or may not make it, but why not give it a fighting chance, right?

As soon as I brought it home from the store, it started dropping leaves. It held on, though, and even gave us a few sweet little white blossoms. I kept it outside as long as I could but it finally just got way too cold and I had to bring the little guy in.

Well, grow lights and dry air did their magic and the poor little plant dropped every last leaf and 3 of four lemons. I almost gave up – how is a plant supposed to photosynthesize without any leaves, right?

Here it is now, fighting the good fight. Reader, I think this little guy just might survive.

Look at that little leafbud!