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Sangam India is Back!

“Sangam India is an organization which aims to improve the social and economic conditions of underprivileged urban communities. With a focus on community-based rehabilitation, our goal is to build meaningful relationships within a community, in order to enhance the quality of their education, health, nutrition, sanitation and hygiene – one community at a time. By motivating individuals within these groups and by showing them ways to use the available resources to create change in their lives, we hope to help restore their self-sufficiency.

At Sangam India, we strongly believe that the healing power of love combined with the relevant tools and knowledge can make an immense positive difference in people’s lives and ensure movement toward physical, mental and emotional well-being.”

We’re back, people! In full force.

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Whatever your preferred social networking modality, we’ve got you covered.

Follow us, support us, and join us as we move to a new chapter in our story.