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New Article: The Rebirth of Country

published at AND magazine

“Q: “So what kind of music do you listen to?”

A: “Oh, I’m not picky, anything really. Except for country!”

It’s a pretty standard question, and today’s standard response.

Country music has had a long and colorful history in the psyche of the American public. Starting off in the early part of the 20th century as “hillbilly music” – a term that was later abandoned as “denigrating” – country music has developed into a form that boasts the two highest-grossing solo artists ever – Elvis Presley, who took the world by storm and emerged as number one, and Garth Brooks, the heartthrob crooner who is currently the second highest-selling solo artist in the United States.

In its various avatars – country boogie, honky tonk, bluegrass, rockabilly, and country rock – country music has garnered a group of loyal fans, many of them country-lovers for generations. However, country music has long been considered a pariah in the musical genre fraternity. Maybe it’s the association with the Deep South and pickup trucks, or perhaps it’s the rustic, lonesome sound reminiscent of expansive prairies, far from any hint of civilization. Barring those few die-hard fans, country has never really gotten a strong foothold in music fandom. Burdened with a reputation as a musical form which true music aficionados shun, country music has struggled long and hard for a chance to be part of the nationwide – and even international – mainstream music scene. Success has been elusive.

So what’s it going to take for country music to speak to today’s music-loving youth?”

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New Article – Our President the Dreamer – Clemency for Immigrants: Politics or Compassion?

from AND magazine

Today’s announcement that the deportation of young illegal immigrants would cease and that they would be allowed to apply for work permits has taken the political world by storm. Citing “lack of intent”, a memorandum was issued this morning stating that children who were brought here by illegal immigrant parents know only the United States as home and should not be deported.

As one may well expect, this announcement has produced reactions that span the spectrum, ranging from exhilaration and ecstasy on the part of those it protects to fury and indignation from those who adamantly support a stringent border control. Critics of the President’s move call it a political ploy, stating that such an extreme move a mere five months before the election can be nothing but a scheme to overwhelmingly claim the Latino vote.

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Terrorism’s New Name – AND Magazine Cover Story!

published at AND magazine

It has almost become a requirement that we as Americans – nay, as global citizens – call terrorists cowards. It is as if a much greater insult is laid upon those who perpetrate horrific, catastrophic atrocities on their fellow beings when they are called monstrous sissies than if they are merely called monsters. A publicly castrated terrorist is somehow being stripped of his seeming success, and in that we find the tiniest of victories.

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