Hang on, little lemon!

Last summer, after endless hours of fruitless (get it?) window shopping online, I finally gave in to the urge and bought a sickly little discount improved Meyer lemon tree. It was late in the season, so I thought it may or may not make it, but why not give it a fighting chance, right?

As soon as I brought it home from the store, it started dropping leaves. It held on, though, and even gave us a few sweet little white blossoms. I kept it outside as long as I could but it finally just got way too cold and I had to bring the little guy in.

Well, grow lights and dry air did their magic and the poor little plant dropped every last leaf and 3 of four lemons. I almost gave up – how is a plant supposed to photosynthesize without any leaves, right?

Here it is now, fighting the good fight. Reader, I think this little guy just might survive.

Look at that little leafbud!



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