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Time for a new year!

As most of you know, last year was big. Moving to pittsburgh, going on a cross country road trip, and starting residency were huge. But here we are, and life is liveable again.

Last year also brought some fun DIY-ing into my life, and probably the biggest thing of all was my little garden. It’s time to start thinking about my spring garden, and I’m so excited about it!

Over the next few days, I’ll post a few pictures from last year’s garden, and this year you can follow along with me!

For now, here’s a picture of icy pittsburgh for you.

Cheers – and here’s to 2014!


catching up

It’s a new year and many things have happened since you, my fair reader, last heard from me.

Most importantly, I got married! S and I are having a great time and we’re looking forward to all the greatness married life has to offer.

I decided to do a photo365 this year. It may not quite be a 365, because I started a week late, but hey I’ll go till January 7 of 2013. It’s all good. The year seemed too promising for me not to venture. I’m having fun so far. More importantly, S approves! And he’s a pro. I’ll pretend he’s not just being nice.

I started a GoodReads challenge this year. 100 books. 4 down, 96 to go. Send your suggestions my way!

And finally, this is the year that I will officially become a physician.

Big things are coming. Stay tuned.