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New Music Review! White Hills – H-p1

published at mvremix.com

The latest from psychedelic/space-rock sensations White Hills is a real journey that listener and artist take together, sometimes easy and enjoyable, but largely an uphill struggle with debatable promise of a reward at the end. Self-described as a political statement against a government “co-opted and controlled by corporations,” H-p1 is exuberant, alive, and natural. In its loyalty to a “natural” sound, however, the band sacrifices the importance it places on well-polished presentation. Angsty, cacophonic and exhilarating in its chaotic message, H-p1 is very clearly a personal offering, composed more for emotion than for musical coherence.

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New Music Review! – Joseph Arthur’s The Graduation Ceremony

published at mvremix.com

Joseph Arthur has outdone himself in his long-awaited offering, The Graduation Ceremony, his first full-length solo album since 2006’s Nuclear Daydream. Long known for his wide range of interests and talents, Arthur came forth with this release on May 23rd, 2011 after 5 years of work with his band The Lonely Astronauts and four solo EPs in 2008. Arthur has been a treasure trove of creative genius and has often pushed the envelope in his art, music and poetry. But this time, he has kept his music subdued, glorious in its understatement. From the first fingerpicked notes that open the album to the conclusive harmonies that wrap it up, Arthur keeps his listeners guessing at every turn, taking his creativity to a different place.

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