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Terrorism’s New Name – AND Magazine Cover Story!

published at AND magazine

It has almost become a requirement that we as Americans – nay, as global citizens – call terrorists cowards. It is as if a much greater insult is laid upon those who perpetrate horrific, catastrophic atrocities on their fellow beings when they are called monstrous sissies than if they are merely called monsters. A publicly castrated terrorist is somehow being stripped of his seeming success, and in that we find the tiniest of victories.

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The Economist – Who’s Afraid of Palin

I read a blog post in The Economist blog Democracy in America today.

The author says, “why scared of Palin? She’s not gonna make it anyway.”

He asks, “why are the pundits so untrusting of voters?”


I only have one thing to say. Did he miss our eight glory years?

AMERICA voted Bush in. That was on our watch.

Read the original blog post. See what you think.