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Tori Amos’ New Album: Night of Hunters

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Tori Amos, with a fabulously extensive history of making music that pushes the envelope, has managed to produce her most cohesive, compelling album in recent times, Night of Hunters.

Although Amos has been known on past records to allow classical themes and patterns to surface through otherwise playful arrangements, this particular project is unique. She has taken inspiration from well-known classical pieces, both contemporary and historical, and has taken them in a new direction, intensely and effectively telling the story of a woman on a journey of self-discovery.

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New Music Review! Lisa Jaeggi – Epic Epic

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“Epic Epic, Lisa Jaeggi’s sophomore effort, is indeed epic. The Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter, describes her style as “skateboard acoustic soul”, which is probably the most accurate description. Her style has also been described as anti-folk, although her incredible story-telling abilities display how well she has captured the essence of folk – observing and responding to her environment, commenting on life as she sees it.”

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New Music Review! MonkeyJunk – To Behold

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Upon being asked about his passion for his music, delta blues legend Son House said “I’m talkin’ ‘bout the blues, I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout monkey junk”. And thus was born the quirky name of the equally quirky contemporary blues band MonkeyJunk. Blending delta blues, soul boogie, and country with modern presentation, MonkeyJunk boasts an innovative and creative approach to the blues on To Behold. Steve Marriner, Tony D, and Matt Sobb, play well off of each other, seamlessly creating an upbeat, catchy sound that has really started to be noticed on the blues scene in Europe and the States.

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