Egg Substitutes!

Here’s an article I wrote for on substituting eggs in different recipes! Enjoy!

Cooking without eggs is daunting. Some people are allergic, others have weird quirks, and some just don’t eat eggs, really. Whatever the motivation may be, the number of people looking for ways to cook and bake without eggs is getting higher by the day. The limitations of vegan recipes ranges from dry, crumbly cakes to timid fritters that can’t hold their own against a pot of hot oil. Although there are numerous variations and substitutions that can be made, unless if they’re precisely tailored to the recipe, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.


So how do you know whether or not the recipe will work, you ask? Well, here are some excellent tips on replacing eggs or working around them in recipes ranging from sweets like cookies and breads to savories like fritters and breaded items!

Here’s more!


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