Summer listening, anyone? #10 in the top ten summer songs!

I think I might be able to say with some conviction that warm weather has finally started here in wintry Chi-town. It’s been cold even while it’s masqueraded as summer for a while now, and I for one will be thrilled when it actually IS summer.

But in preparation – and wishful thinking – I found myself thinking about what it is that’s so different about summer music. There are some all time favorites. And there are some that are just my own associations, for known or unknown reasons.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve come up with!

#10 – My Girl by the Temptations

There’s probably not a single person who hasn’t heard this song and swayed, snapped fingers or bobbed a head to the catchy beat. The melody starts off and kind of creeps under your skin, making it nigh impossible to stay still while you listen to David Ruffin’s rich, round voice.

The key change around minute 2 makes the whole song swell up around you, wishing you had a girl (or guy, I suppose) that makes you feel like you have “sunshine on a cloudy day” or “when it’s cold outside, … the month of May”.

My big association with this song was when I was in high school. I played for the high school orchestra, and we had a crazy director, a young black man named Mr. Planks. We had a concert for Black History Month during which we first played an arrangement of “My Girl”, and then we played it again for our Pops concert in May.

But it wasn’t the song that truly made those times memorable. It was that poor Mr. Planks could not direct this song with any degree of decorum. He would dance, snap, and shake it. That man could shake it like no other. And the audience enjoyed our song that much more for it.


Stay tuned for #9!


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