A New Ingredient

I must try more arugula. I had a lovely arugula, spinach and mushroom pizza with shaved pecorino, romano, and parmesan cheeses from La Briola Cafe. I’ve never really done much with arugula. Suggestions?


One thought on “A New Ingredient”

  1. Hi!!

    I love Arugula and oddly enough, I had Arugula salad last week. It was at this pizza place. I really liked it and so did Rajan and Chirag (who normally don’t eat salad).

    Roasted bell peppers (red and yellow)
    *I’m sure you can pan grill them*
    Roasted corn
    Roasted Pine Nuts- which are super delicious btw.
    Goat cheese- if you like it
    Charred Tomato Vinaigrette

    It was delicious! Of course, you can use any other veggies you like. Basically, in an arugula salad, you replace lettuce with arugula! Hope you like it! 🙂


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