felling blows

The earth halts in its whirling spins
jerking fading slowing failing
burdens too heavy too big too angry to bear
stumbles and stops
she kneels
the sins of the people of the demons we call people
kill murder destroy the people the angels we call people
and the equation is unsettled
the balance swings dangerously
and we turn our heads avert our eyes and pretend.
homicide genocide ethnocide
it is all just suicide
where are the bones of steel and spines of iron
where are the hearts of gold and souls of pure mercy
what have we become that we turn away and run run run when a drop of blood falls and turns to a single tear flowing down an emaciated cheek
the earth shakes from the voices unheard
silent screams
she gives up
gives in
the world is shattering.


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