a plea

This is a fire and brimstone world
that drags me by the hair
leaving a trail
of blood.
this is a world whose lifebreath is lies.
cruel and blind lies.
but the truth of you keeps my eyes from closing.
the rhythm of your words keeps my heart from stopping.
our heart is stretched taut
a link that will not break
but will pull and pull until we bleed
you and i both
we will bleed

this is a cold world of terror and hate
that has you in a stranglehold
until you choke
and splutter.
this is a world whose lifeblood is deceit.
heartless and unfeeling deceit.
but the truth of me keeps your blood flowing.
the cadence of my words keeps your stomach from turning.
the link will not break.

you have me in your grip
in your hands and in your heart.

Truth, i live for you.

Do not let me go.
Without you i will not breathe.

My heart.
My blood.
My breath.
My life.


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